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Bringing Ideas to Life: How To Get Your Invention Made

Despite the ceaseless tide of innovation, the world is always hungry for the next big thing. If you have an idea for an invention whirling around in your mind, but aren’t sure how to actualize it, this article is for you. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get your invention made, including assistance from InventHelp, a reputable invention service company that has helped thousands of inventors in their journey.

Idea and Validation

Before you jump into developing your invention, you have to ensure you’re solving a substantial problem with a unique solution. Do comprehensive market research and brainstorming sessions to:

  • Identify the need your invention addresses
  • Confirm that your idea is original
  • Understand the competitive landscape

Refining Your Idea

Once you’re convinced of your idea’s viability, it’s time to refine and detail your concept. Create a comprehensive logbook documenting your invention’s:

  • Purpose
  • Construction and operation specifics
  • Unique selling points
  • Potential modifications

Concept Prototyping

Transform your idea into a rough, visual representation that can help others understand your invention. This prototype doesn’t have to look professional; it could be as simple as a drawing or a 3D model.

Protecting Your Idea

For your protection, it’s essential to secure your intellectual property rights. Apply for a patent, which gives you exclusive rights to your invention.

InventHelp can guide you through the patenting process. They can offer advice on your patent application and help you navigate the complex patent registration process.

Creating a Formal Prototype

Engage a product designer, engineer, or another skilled professional to create a polished prototype of your invention. This prototype should be functional and intended for testing.

InventHelp can help by connecting you with prototyping professionals and providing resources for creating and refining your invention’s prototype.

Testing and Refining Your Prototype

Now that you have your working prototype, it’s time to test it. Use the feedback from your testing process to refine your design, fix flaws, and enhance functionality.

Manufacturing Your Invention

At this stage, search for a reliable manufacturer that can produce your invention at scale. Create a replicable manufacturing process, ensuring your invention can be mass-produced without compromising the quality or driving the cost excessively high.

InventHelp can assist you in identifying potential manufacturers or manufacturing partners through its extensive network and resources.

Marketing Strategy and Sales

Even the best inventions require a compelling marketing strategy to reach the target audience. Create a compelling product pitch, identify your target customers, and choose the platforms you’ll use to sell your invention.

InventHelp’s Invention Submission Services can help you pitch your invention to companies who may be interested in reviewing your idea. They also offer various resources for marketing your product, including press releases, social media campaigns, and marketing literature.

Funding Your Project

From patenting costs and prototype development to mass production, the path to inventing can be expensive. There are numerous avenues to secure funding, including crowdfunding platforms, attracting investors, or pursuing grants and loans.

InventHelp can guide you through the fundraising process and suggest funding options suitable for your invention and business strategy.

Taking Your Invention to Market

Once your invention is ready, it’s time to launch. Whether you’re selling online or physically, ensure you have a detailed and tested strategy that’ll guide the launch and sales process.

InventHelp can provide guidance on product launch strategies and offer tips for engaging and retaining customers.

Every inventor had the same question on their mind “How do I start my invention idea?” InventHelp provides all the tools and resources you need to get started. From free patent searches to a free, no-risk evaluation of your idea, InventHelp is here to help inventors everywhere bring their ideas to life.


Transforming an invention from idea to reality is a thrilling but challenging journey. Knowing the steps involved and working with a reliable invention service company like InventHelp can significantly increase your chances of success, leading to an invention that could not only prove financially rewarding but might also revolutionize its intended industry. The world might be eagerly waiting for your invention, so take the leap and start making.