When searching for a furry family member in Geylang, Singapore, The Lovely Pets emerges as a premier destination for top-quality puppies. This esteemed pet shop offers a diverse array of breeds suitable for various lifestyles, from cozy apartments to more spacious living environments.

Ethical Sourcing and High Standards of Care

What sets The Lovely Pets apart is their commitment to ethical breeding practices and the well-being of their animals, ensuring customers can buy high-quality puppies from them. All puppies come from breeders who prioritize the health and mental well-being of the dogs, ensuring they grow up in a safe, loving, and healthy environment. This responsible sourcing is a testament to their dedication to not just meeting, but exceeding, AVA (Animal & Veterinary Service) standards.

Each puppy at The Lovely Pets receives a thorough health check by a veterinarian, ensuring they are vaccinated, dewormed, microchipped, and come with a health certificate detailing checks on vital organs, joints, and overall condition. New owners will also appreciate the added benefits such as one month of free Flea & Tick Prevention and Heartworm Prevention.

Wide Range of Breeds

Whether you’re looking for a small and manageable Shih Tzu or Poodle, or perhaps a more energetic and large dog like a Golden Retriever or Labrador, The Lovely Pets has an option for you. For those living in smaller spaces or apartments approved by the Housing Development Board (HDB), they offer breeds that are known for their suitability in such environments, including the Bichon Frise and the Maltese.

For those preferring a larger breed, The Lovely Pets provides options like the majestic Golden Retriever and the sturdy Labrador Retriever. These larger breeds are known for their friendly nature and loyalty, making them perfect companions for families or active individuals.

Visiting and Purchasing

Visitors can browse the available puppies online or by making an appointment to visit the shop in person. The shop’s location is accessible, just a short drive from central Geylan and near public transport options. Once at the store, the helpful staff will guide potential owners through the selection process, ensuring each customer finds a puppy that matches their lifestyle and preferences.

When the perfect puppy has been chosen, the adoption process is straightforward, with various payment options available, including cash, PayNow, Bank Transfer, NETS, or Credit Card (with a nominal extra charge). To further ease the transition, The Lovely Pets handles the registration of the dog license with NParks, ensuring all legalities are taken care of before you bring your new pet home.

Customer Testimonials and Shop Credentials

The reputation of The Lovely Pets is supported by glowing testimonials from happy pet owners. Customers praise the cleanliness of the shop, the friendliness of the staff, and the quality of the puppies. Reviews often highlight the shop’s commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, reinforcing its status as a top destination for pet lovers.


With a professional and caring approach, an extensive selection of breeds, and a strong ethical stance on animal welfare, The Lovely Pets is more than just a pet shop—it’s a community for pet lovers and a place where puppies find their forever homes. If you’re in Geylang or the surrounding areas, consider visiting The Lovely Pets for a companion that will bring joy into your life.

The Lovely Pets Singapore

Address: 46 Jln Limbok, Singapore 548728

Phone No: 90472718