A plethora of inventive ideas and potential breakthroughs are conceived daily, with many inventors looking for ways to develop and protect their ideas. In this regard, invention companies play a significant role by providing important services that help inventors succeed. One such company, which has garnered a reputation for being a reliable resource for inventors, is InventHelp.

InventHelp, founded in 1984, is a leading inventor service company dedicated to helping inventors navigate the challenging journey from idea conception to a successful product launch. One crucial aspect of their services includes assisting inventors in securing patents for their inventions. Can InventHelp assist with patenting my idea?

What is a Patent?

Before discussing the types of inventions InventHelp can assist with, it’s essential to understand what a patent is. A patent grants inventors legal protection for their original inventions in exchange for detailed public disclosure. This protection prevents others from producing, using, selling, or importing the patented invention without the inventor’s consent.

There are three main types of patents:

Utility Patents: These patents cover functional or utilitarian innovations, such as machines, tools, products, processes, and chemical compositions.

Design Patents: These patents apply specifically to unique aesthetic designs, meaning the ornamental aspects cannot be separated from the functional aspects of an invention.

Plant Patents: These patents apply to newly developed, asexually-reproduced varieties of plants.

Types of Inventions InventHelp Can Assist With in the Patenting Process

Getting your invention idea reviewed and patented can be a long and confusing process. InventHelp can provide assistance with obtaining patents for a diverse range of inventions, spanning various sectors, industries, and domains. These include:

Consumer Products

InventHelp can guide inventors through the patenting process for a multitude of consumer products, such as household gadgets, appliances, personal care items, toys, and sports equipment.

Electronics and Communication

Inventions in the field of electronics and communication, including smartphones, computers, networking devices, and audio equipment, can benefit from InventHelp’s expertise in the patenting process.

Medical Inventions

Medical inventions, such as pharmaceuticals, diagnostic tools, equipment, healthcare devices, and surgical instruments, require considerable expertise in navigating the intricacies of patent law. InventHelp can help with patent protection for such life-saving innovations.

Energy and Environment

InventHelp also caters to environmentally-friendly and sustainable solutions, such as renewable energy devices, waste management systems, and efficient energy storage innovations. Inventors working in the field of sustainability and green technology can rely on InventHelp for patent assistance.

Industrial and Manufacturing

Inventions essential to the industrial and manufacturing sector, comprising heavy machinery, automation solutions, control systems, and safety equipment, can benefit greatly from InventHelp’s guidance during the patenting process.

Transportation and Automotive

From groundbreaking automotive advancements to novel transportation solutions, InventHelp can assist inventors in securing patents for various vehicle designs, propulsion systems, and safety features.

Agricultural and Food Processing

Inventors working on agricultural innovations and food processing technologies, such as novel crop-growing methods, farm machinery, and preservation techniques, can rely on InventHelp for help on patent applications.

The Bottom Line

InventHelp has built a strong reputation for assisting inventors with a wide variety of inventions across several domains, from consumer products and medical innovations to sustainable energy solutions and automotive advancements. Their expertise is invaluable in successfully guiding inventors through the complex patenting process, providing the support and resources needed to secure intellectual property rights. Therefore, irrespective of the invention category, InventHelp can be your partner in navigating the patenting procedure and ultimately achieving the goal of a successful product launch.