A good chiropractor must have the following qualities:

He is prompt. Promptness refers to his value of time. He must not keep his patients waiting for him. He must inform his patients if he will be a little late. If he is to be late, he must give his patients the option to book for another schedule or ask his secretary to inform his patients of the changes.

He prioritize his patient’s health. He must be able to inform his patient on the status of his health. He must be frank enough and must be able to discuss the patient’s illness and on the manner he will treat the patient. He likewise should be able to give him the alternative treatments, if any. A doctor who cannot give direct answers to his patient’s questions is a hint to look for another healthcare practitioner.

He does not suggest his patients to enter into a long-term treatment plan.

He does not limit his patients to seek other forms of alternative treatments together with his chiropractic check-ups.

He does not force his patients to buy certain products from his clinic.

He provides fast and good quality service. He must put importance to his other patients and must not spend so much time with other patients. He must be able to divide his time so he can attend to his patients equally.

If your chiropractor misses out on the above qualities, then he is more interested to rob you of your money than to give you back your wellness.

To look for a chiropractor, you can get some recommendations from your friends, relatives or co-workers. Once you got a referral, you can visit the clinic and check the certificates posted on the walls of his clinic. Look for a patient who is there for follow-up and start a conversation to find out the chiropractor’s background. You can also check his background.

You can also try surfing the net to find the best chiropractor too, but you need to conduct a bit of investigation to verify the credibility of the chiropractor. This can be done by reading patients’ testimonials and participating in forums.

Check the Board of Chiropractic if you want to verify his credentials.