Turning a brilliant innovation into a reality required to navigate the treacherous waters of patenting and manufacturing is not an easy feat. Here, agencies such as InventHelp can play a significant role, they can help inventors sail smoothly through these processes. Let’s explore the steps how to get your invention made, the patent process, and how InventHelp can assist you.

Step 1: Developing Your Idea

The journey to a successful patent starts with an idea. Fine-tuning and fully developing your concept into something marketable is crucial.

  • Conduct Market Research: Understand the market your invention fits into, its potential customers and competitors.
  • Prototype Creation: Where applicable, create a basic prototype of your invention.
  • Test and Refine: Gather feedback to ascertain its functionality and market appeal, then refine accordingly.

Step 2: The Patent Process

Understanding the patent process is crucial to protecting your intellectual property. The patent process goes as follows:

  • Patent Search: It involves researching existing patents to ensure your invention is unique.
  • Patent Application: If your invention is unique, it’s time to apply for a patent. This involves documenting your invention in detail.
  • Patent Examination: The patent office will review the application and determine whether it is novel and non-obvious.
  • Patent Grant: If the examiner finds that your invention meets all criteria, you will be granted a patent.

Step 3: Manufacturing Your Invention

Once you’ve protected your invention with a patent, the next step is to manufacture it.

  • Find a Manufacturer: Research and connect with potential manufacturers who can produce your invention at scale.
  • Quality Control: Impose rigorous quality control measures to ensure your invention is made to your specifications.
  • Distribution: Begin selling your invention to your target market through selected distribution channels.

How InventHelp Can Support Inventors

Founded in 1984, InventHelp is a leading inventor services company that helps inventors through each step of this journey.

Patent Services: InventHelp can guide you through the patent process.

Prototype Services: They can help bring your idea to life through the creation of a prototype.

Submission to Companies: InventHelp also exposes your invention to companies who may be interested in manufacturing or distributing it.


In conclusion, while getting an invention made and patented can be intimidating, resources and agencies like InventHelp can make the process more manageable, allowing inventors to focus on what they do best–inventing.