Invention companies play a critical role by providing inventors with necessary guidance and assistance when trying to patent an invention idea. The process of patenting is often overwhelming, complicated, and time-consuming; hence, having an expert by your side can make the process much more manageable. Let’s see, how to get started with patenting an invention idea? How invention companies, such as InventHelp, can help inventors navigate patenting successfully.

Patent Search and Assessment

Before moving forward with your patent application, it’s crucial to determine if your invention idea is unique and patentable. Invention companies have skilled professionals who conduct patent searches and assess your idea against existing patents or publications to ensure it’s genuinely original. With this crucial information at hand, you can proceed with confidence or revise your idea to strengthen its uniqueness.

Preparing and Filing the Patent Application

A patent application is much more than mere paperwork; it’s a legal and technical document that requires precision, completeness, and adherence to strict guidelines. An invention company can help you draft your patent application with impeccable accuracy to minimize the risk of rejection. They assist in developing clear specifications, claims, and drawings to ensure your invention is thoroughly described and adequately protected.

Invention companies can also guide you on which type of patent application is right for your idea, such as utility, design, or plant patents. They can help you determine whether to pursue a provisional patent application or file for a non-provisional patent, depending on your invention’s stage of development and long-term goals.

International Patent Filing

If you intend to protect your invention idea in multiple countries or seek global commercial opportunities, invention companies can help you with understanding and pursuing international patents. They can assist you through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application process and other international filing mechanisms, ensuring that your rights are safeguarded beyond your home country.

Patent Prosecution and Maintenance

Invention companies, such as InventHelp, can provide valuable oversight and communication with patent examiners throughout the patent prosecution process. They can help you respond to office actions, making necessary amendments to your application based on the examiner’s feedback.

Moreover, they can assist you in maintaining your patent once it’s granted by fulfilling renewal requirements, paying necessary fees, and helping you stay informed of any changes in the patent landscape that could impact your rights.

Licensing and Monetization

In addition to patent services, invention companies, like InventHelp can help you develop a strategy for commercializing your invention through licensing or selling your patent. They can provide guidance on structuring licensing agreements, preparing contracts, and negotiating terms to ensure you receive the most favorable conditions when entering into a business relationship. Can InventHelp help with funding? InventHelp does not provide funding, but they can help you find potential investors or find companies interested in licensing your invention.

Access to Professional Networks

Invention companies often have extensive networks comprising professionals who can play a crucial role in the patenting process, such as patent agents, lawyers, engineers, and industrial designers. They can connect you with these specialists, reducing the time and effort it takes to find the right experts for your particular invention.


Invention companies, like InventHelp, are valuable partners for inventors embarking on the complex journey of patenting their invention idea. They can simplify the process by conducting patent searches, preparing and filing patent applications, managing the prosecution process, and assisting in international patent protection. Additionally, they offer guidance in licensing, monetization, and access to a network of professionals, thereby increasing your invention’s chances of success.

Investing in a reliable, reputable invention company can help you avoid potential pitfalls and secure a well-protected patent for your great idea. As you proceed in your invention journey, consider partnering with a reputable invention company to maximize your chances of obtaining and profiting from your patent.